Top 10 SEO Trends in 2015

The New Year is quickly approaching and this is the time when social media gurus gaze into their crystal balls to predict the future. People in social media marketing are extremely interested in what these seo writing experts are saying about content in 2015.

SEO Trends in 2015

Social media marketing is a highly competitive arena. It is not a secret that trying to stay one step ahead of the competition is important. Search engines can be very picky, and advertising campaigns have to be as precise as possible. Following the latest SEO trends (Search Engine Optimization) ideas can help a client’s profit margin.

The Latest SEO Trends 2015

Here is what looks to be the developments in 2015 for SEO trends:

  1. Multimedia Content Is Going To Take Center Stage. It’s no longer going to be just words that will matter. The quality of images and videos are going to become more important. This is because machine imaging reading and recognition is going to become even more sophisticated. Stock photography is something that has been used almost instinctively in the past. It is possible that companies will need to focus more on developing their own unique images to stand out.
  2. Google May No Longer Be the King of Search Engines. Google has been the primary search engine for a number of years. It has helped its appeal by providing an awful lot of assistance and tools to advertisers, particularly startup firms. The year 2015 may see Yahoo moving into the territory once held by Google alone. A deal that Yahoo has with Firefox may spur things forward. Google might no longer be the default search engine.
  3. Keywords May Have Their Last Stand In 2015. This can come as a shock to a lot of people because keywords have been such an integral part of SEO. The move may be more towards searches based on topics and answers to queries. Keywords may no longer be as critical.
  4. The Apple Watch Might Reshuffle the Cards. This little gizmo could pack a rather sizable punch when it comes to local SEO. Instead of optimizing for Google, the Bing and Apple Maps may take priority. Very specific local searches may be the order of the day in social media marketing.
  5. SEO Will Have To Be More Sensitive to Mobile Devices. It is not just the Apple Watch, but mobile devices in general that SEO must adapt to in 2015. Mobile devices have already become more important than desktop Internet. The latest developments in SEO have to be more sensitive to the idea of a search being conducted over the mobile Internet.
  6. Security Is Going To Be A High Priority. This past year has seen some major hacker break-ins. There will probably be more use of https and security certificates. Reports indicate that Google is considering the use of https as a major factor.
  7. ROI Will Become Important. Keyword ranking used to be the most important thing in SEO marketing. ROI, Return on Investment, is going to take the place of ranking. What this means is that keywords resulting in conversions and possible sales will be much more important than a high-ranking.
  8. More Attention Will Be Paid to Website Errors. Crawler mistakes that have cropped up on webpages will be fixed to help improve organic traffic and conversions. The result would be more productive traffic.
  9. Brand Mentions And Citations Will Become Important. Google will put more priority on brand mentions and citations because there’s less chance of them being manipulated. This will reduce the incidence of implied links.
  10. Content Will Continue to Be King. Google has come out with a Penguin 3.0 update. This means a continued war on spam and bad quality content. Keyword saturation is going to penalize those who employ this tactic and content that is both important and engaging will continue its reign.

SEO Trends 2015 Help in Planning

Events can arise that will influence any trends for the coming year. Nevertheless, social media marketing managers will use the trends to plan ahead. It very apparent that mobile devices and the ability to shape SEO tactics to accommodate them will be important. The traditional world of keywords felt some tremors as 2014 progressed. Next year could see some major shakes.

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