The Truth about Duplicate Content in SEO

Fascinating facts on The Truth about Duplicate Content in SEO

When it comes to creating of articles or rather content that is to be used for web purposes people tend to have some certain misconceptions about what the web content for their websites should contain. Not everyone who manages and administers the writing of web content knows everything about the whole concept of SEO writting and if is precisely for this reason that there is need for us to give you all possible information you may possibly want on The Truth about Duplicate Content in SEO so that you have the knowledge of what is expected of you when creating content for your website.

There are several misconceptions that web content developers have as to how to come up with the web content articles or press releases or whatever information they want to put on their web pages. Some of them tend to think that duplicate content SEO means that they should only publish 100% unique content to their web pages. To make sure that you understand what is needed of you in creating web content below is a list of some myths about duplicate content that you should keep away from.

The misconception that web scrapers will have a negative impact on your site’s rating

Many web content developers and especially the bloggers who create content topics have this notion that once a scrapper decides to use one of their blog articles and copies it to his own web page, they will negatively impact on how their sites are rated and they end up cancelling all the links that the scraper has put. However, this is not the case as web content scrapers have neither a positive nor negative impact to your site’s rating. The SEO duplicate content will not be implemented here since the ratings are not in any way affected by the scrapers and therefore you should not spend all your time waiting to see which bloggers have scraped your work so that you can disavow their links.

The scrapers are rendered to be impact less since Google is able to differentiate original content and duplicate content. Nevertheless it is important that you get to know how to report scrapers giving your site a poor ranking so that whenever Google has failed to determine the difference between the original and the duplicate content, a rare occurrence, you will be able to still have control of your site’s ranking.

The fear that republishing guest posts you had written on your own site will have a negative impact

We all know that guest blogging has become a common type of blogging where bloggers are able to get more revenue. However, many bloggers fear that once they have given guest post to another blog site and republish that same guest blog on their site, that action will lead to them being given a duplicate content penalty which will in the long run lead to their sites being rated. This should however not worry you as you are free to publish a guest post you had submitted to another site on your webpage without having to worry about the duplicate penalties.

The publishing non unique content on your site decreases your rating myth

Everyone or rather most people in the process on how to check for duplicate content once asked will always tell you that if you want to have a higher rating by Google, you should always publish the original content that you have come up with and at the same time telling you that failure to do that would translate to a lower rating. This makes bloggers have some fear of publishing already existing articles and ideas. Since we are here to inform you The Truth about Duplicate Content in SEO we are obliged to tell you that this is not the case as doing that will neither have a positive or negative impact on your Google site rating.

So do not let your fears about the myths you hear about the duplicate content rule affect the decisions you make on whether the content is good from your site or not if it is good you are free to publish it.

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