The Role of Google Authorship in Content Marketing

The details of what The Role of Google Authorship in Content Marketing entails

It has not even been a month since Google withdrew the Google plus authorship photos and people have voiced their voices wanting to understand why Google would withdraw such a feature. This feature was a widely used feature by Google plus users where they used it to increase their own optimization and now that it is gone no one knows what is going to happen next. People do not really know what The Role of Google Authorship in as long form as short form content marketing is since it has just been scraped off.

The Google plus authorship feature

The Google plus authorship feature was implemented quite some time ago and which lead to people optimizing their personal sites. This was done mainly because this authorship program made it possible for someone to add a picture which would be visible to all the searches on that person. This authorship program was very influential in determining the rating of ones sites since it was considered and concluded that the authorship photos had more clicks as compared to the plain texts searches. After the withdrawal of this feature, those who were using it to enhance their optimization are now wondering what the Google author information in search results was all about since no one understands why they would implement such a feature and then remove it just when people were becoming attached to it.

The people who were using this great feature want to know why Google spent a significant amount of time convincing people to use the authorship feature claiming that it would get them more clicks. What surprises us is that the feature actually seemed to work and therefore we cannot tell if we were made to believe that it worked and it didn’t work.

The possible concept behind the scraping of the authorship feature

There is a notion that clicks start on a zero platform and ones one receives clicks there some places where there will have to be no clicks so that they can all balance. This is because an increase in the CTR one side of the SERP must translate to losing o that one click on some other part implying a decrease in CTR in some other place which also includes the Google ads.

It is no secret that photos in the SERPs have a huge impact on the users and this is precisely why the Google Ads are not in plain texts and need an image. There are beliefs that claim Google authorship has been scraped off because Google realized that they were giving out free authorship and branding trademarks at the expense of paid ad clicks. This myth is enhanced by the fact that Google has its own sponsored posts where all those authors who want to promote themselves have a chance of doing so by paying for that ad, but again it is just a conception and it has not been proved that this actually the reason why they abolished this feature.

Those SEO writing experts who had embraced the concept of Google authorship are not fully satisfied by the reason given by Google that they removed it because it has been removed to enhance the user experience. We are not fully convinced since they are the ones who had showed us how to add Google authorship to website maintaining that it was an effective SEO method and that it actually worked.

So we remain hopeful that it was not a conspiracy to rob off the SEO experts a better method to optimize their sites and we hope that The Role of Google Authorship in Content Marketing will remain just as they had told us from the start.

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