New Content Strategy in Line with the Last Panda Update

All the information you need to know about New Content Strategy in Line with the Last Panda Update

The technology world is a very dynamic world where we do not rely on what was being used yesterday as everyday there is always a new strategy or development. This is the same case with the content strategies where just recently there was an update on panda by Google whose main point was to remove or rather push away spam pages as well as pages that have poor content. As the unveiling of the new panda update was taking there were other content strategy developments taking place and for you to get to know all the New Content Strategy in Line with the Last Panda Update you need to also look at the following developments in content strategy as well.

The payday loans-2.0 update

This update took place during the same period as the updating of panda and it was specifically designed for the most spam queries. This update was mainly undertaken to take care of the keywords that receive the highest number of searches rated with the best keyword research tool. This because there is a higher chance of finding spams in the high keywords volume searches rather than in the keywords that receive a relatively low volume of search numbers. However it is important that this update will only cause a 0.3% impact on the searches in the United States.

Panda-4.0 update

This delicate is meant to open up more channels for more adjustments to the algorithm as a whole in the future. Experts have termed it to be relatively gentler than the last panda update that we have seen. The enrolling of this new panda 4.0 update will mean that here will be a change in the SEO visibility in almost all domains where there will be an SEO visibility loss in several domains it is therefore important that you note the amount of loss that will occur on your domain so that you are well informed.

Content with little or no originality will lose their visibility

Since the panda update concentrates more on the content of this webpages, the domains which will tend to lose their SEO visibility will be those sites that do not necessarily publish original content but rather rom external sources and therefore they will visibility of the content that is considered not to be original. The most affected will be those sites that deal with the publishing of news that is acquired from external sources since it is not always original as well sites dealing with the comparison of product and services prices.

At the same as these sites lose the visibility of some of their SEO content, some sites will on the other hand be gaining more visibility for their SEO content simply because the content in their web pages is considered to be original. Under this category the most sites to receive a higher SEO visibility after the panda SEO update will be basically those sites dealing with original prices of their own products, sites dealing with health issues which are always original among others.

All about the update

The panda update has shown that the sites which have lost visibility of their SEO content have all one thing in common which is that their content was not original or rather they have duplicate content in the content whose visibility has reduced while on the other hand those sites that have shown an increase in their contents’ visibility have all been considered to have their own SEO content writing service. It is however not the last of this update as you will continue to learn about the New Content Strategy in Line with the Last Panda Update.

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