How to Do a SEO Audit of Your Website: Step-by-Step

Why do you need to order your SEO article?

The reason why SEO (search engine optimization guide) was developed in the first place was because it became known how important it was to gain an advantage over other competitors in the business world by ensuring that your webpage are placed at least on the first page of any search result. This provides you with the advantage that any person who does a search on the Internet for any specific service or product will always open the first search result and then the second depending on how much he is attracted to the words which appear on that results page.

Today many writers focus on SEO articles

There are literally millions of writers who are specifically specializing in the art of SEO writing and that number is growing every day. However in order to accurately gauge the effectiveness of such an article it is necessary to perform an accurate SEO audit on that article in order to ensure that it is truly providing a business or other organization with sufficient value. And that is why a system has been developed which specifically look at all the different elements which are included in the structure of an SEO article.

What elements are included in that audit?

One of the first steps which will be necessary to determine the effectiveness of your SEO article will be to perform a screaming frog crawl on your website. Screaming frog is a free application that crawls through your website and evaluate every element of your website in order to see if any errors are present which is exactly what you need with an SEO audit. Some of the things which will be investigated is, URL issues, page title tags, external links, Meta description tags, Redirects and other many other errors which could have an influence on the effectiveness of your SEO article.

The screaming frog crawl is quick and effective

Such a procedure should not take more than a couple of minutes and once the process has completed the relevant data could be exported to a excel spreadsheet which is helpful when you desire to carefully evaluate the data and are searching for ways in which to optimize your webpage. You should also use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics but before you could gain access to those tools you may need to register with Google Webmaster tools. Perform regular website SEO audits to increase the effectiveness of your website.

What will this tool do for you?

These tools will give you a clear indication of the health of your website and it will also review any problems that Google may experience while crawling through your webpage. This tool will also gauge accurately exactly how fast your site is loading as well a whole lot of other statistics necessary for an SEO website audit. More information regarding this be can be obtained by visiting the web master tools website. Between these two tools Screaming Frog and Google Webmaster tools you will be able to obtain useful information regarding your site and all the things that effect the way in which it is ranked in search engines. 

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