How High Keyword Density Can Ruin Your SEO

Effective keyword usage

The amount of times which your keyword is appearing in the body of your article is referred to as the SEO keyword density. In a large body of text many appearances of the keyword is acceptable but in a smaller document is advisable to keep the keyword appearance as low as possible. This is also referred to as the key word ratio and it is advisable to keep that the ratio at an effective and optimal level.

What would qualify as effective keyword usage?

This question is not always easy to answer but generally in an article which contains 500 words of text with a keyword which are appearing five times this would indicate that you a keyword presence of 1%. Research over many years has found that an optimal keyword appearance is approximately 3% but under no circumstances should keyword usage ever exceed 7% because that would definitely signify an over usage of your keyword which is not beneficial. Use a keyword density analyzer to calculate keyword usage.

More research may be required

According to our SEO writing services specialist research failure however to use a sufficient amount of keywords could also have a negative impact upon your article. That is because there is not enough proof to show beyond a shadow of doubt what exactly should be an optimal keyword density usage and many website owners will simply have to do some experimenting of their own in order to determine what works the best for a specific site. The only thing which has been confirmed for sure is that too much keyword is not good, however no keywords at all are also not in the best interest of your website and therefore check keyword density.

What could website owners do?

There are some guidelines which could be followed such as to ensure that your keyword is present in the title tag, your keyword should also appear bright at the start and near the conclusion of your article as well as a few other appearances throughout the article, but the secret is to make it look as natural and part of the text as possible. Just keep in mind that search engines crawlers uses a specific algorithm to evaluate SEO keyword density and it is a misconception to assume that at an abundance of keywords will produce the best results.

Keyword usage and Google rankings

There are people who make use of too many keywords thinking that this will provide them with better results and will ensure them better Google rankings. The reality is that Google will not be impressed by too much keyword usage because it will be seen as spam and therefore you will have to change the way in which you use keywords and find a way to space your keywords equally throughout the article in order to optimize your Google ranking.

Correct keyword usage is essential

More than enough proof has been found to confidently state that keyword usage is an important skill which can significantly increase the effectiveness of your article, increase  website conversion and could determine your Google ranking. It will be those website owners who pay attention to their keyword usage that will be able to obtain the best results with their websites.

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