General Advice on Writing About Dark Side of the Internet


Now, when you have enough of information to write on, when you have a number of suggestions for topics and ideas for each, it is time to start you own writing on dark side of the Internet. Sometimes, even having a lot of things to write, you feel stuck at the very beginning. It is a tough task to organize your thoughts into a clear and logical writing making it informative and appealing to your reader at the same time. We will guide you from the very beginning till the end.

Step 1: Wait, What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?

It is the very time to double check what you need, so look through your instructions once again.

Question 1: Essay or research paper? What kind of essay?

Essay differs from a research paper. Essay will deal with your opinion and some sources will be enough. A research paper will require you to pay a close attention to a certain issue and do a survey, presenting and discussing results on it. Also, there are different types of essay. You may need an opinion essay, where you just tell what you think without trying to persuade people, or an argumentative/persuasive essay, when you aim at influencing your reader. Do you need an oral speech? In this case, you will need to add more exclamations and try to touch upon issues that are close to your reader to impress better.

Question 2: How long should it be?

If you have a limit of a page or two, you will deal either with a super-narrow issue or with creating a general list of issues that may be reviewed under this topic. If you have 10 pages’ requirement, this will be a serious writing with a lot of sources (and effort) involved. This requirement influences the topic choice, as you cannot write 10 pages on a super-narrow issue (on how the Internet usage influences the eyesight, for example). You will also not be able to cover all the necessary aspects of a wide topic within 1-2 pages (for example, on the Internet trolling). Take care about the length and content correlation.

Question 3: Object and point of view. What to focus on?

The Internet for children or grown-ups? Its bad influence for physical or psychological health, or maybe, for your wallet? Internal or external bad features of the Internet? You should clearly now what you are going to deal with to avoid any confusion. Define your limits and get ready for the next step.

Okay, now you are ready to start writing, but what to begin with?

Step 2: Beginning

Have you heard about a hook? Not the one that is being used in horror movies, but the one necessary for the essay beginning. Hook is the first 2 lines of writing aimed to attract your writer and make them interested enough to read further. Use the hook technique for any kind of paper: it will not be odd. If writing about the Internet, it will be a good idea to start with statistics. Use extra small or extra big numbers to make an effect better. Do not use the numbers which deal with results of your research – you will need to keep them for the further text. Introduce your topic and crown up the paragraph with a thesis statement, which will need to be supported and proven in the further text. It is better to outline three main issues which will evolve in 3 next paragraphs. For instance, the Internet is harmful to kids, because it worsens their possibility to communicate, develop as a personality and has a general physical health negative impact. Obviously, you will focus on elaborating concerning each of the points you have mentioned.

Step 3: Keep On Writing

A paragraph goes to an idea. Do not mess up telling everything within a single paragraph: the reader will not get it. Be exact, support your ideas with numbers. When telling about communication online and offline, tell the major threats of the Internet and remember about the cause and effect chains, etc. It will be a brilliant idea to add graphs and tables, but make sure they are relevant. For instance, add a graph showing the dynamics of growth of the Internet usage among children during the recent years. Show the graph of aims of using the Internet among the children to show that they prefer internet communication to educative purposes etc.

Step 4: Conclude

Say that you were right! Actually, this is the main thing to mention in your paper to finish it up. Deliver your thesis statement in a different manner, specifying, which presumptions are confirmed and in which way. This is not the place to add anything new, just highlight the main points to go.

Step 5: Try and Test It!


Read the paper aloud to see whether you like it. Read/send it to your friend. Test its influence before you submit if for a grade. It is also the high time to double check grammar and spelling: you are sure to notice some inaccuracies. Cut off some materials and add something more. After you are done, handle your paper with confidence. Do you like what you have written? Would you like to share this with your friends on Facebook? If yes, expect a high grade!

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