5 Ways to Socialize Your Website with Sharable Content

To get more value from the content you post on your website, you should make it “sharable”. Sharable content is the first step to natural linkbuilding – readers will start backlink and share your content without any efforts from your site. We’ve made a list of essential elements on your site that will help optimize your website for more shares and likes.

Add social sharing buttons

Available through popular service AddThis.com as packs and through badges created by separate social networks, buttons to “like”, “share”, “+1” can be placed either in form of a scrolling panel (preferrable for long blog post pages) and small icons you can place at the top or buttom of your content page. The issue may arise when you show too many social buttons at once: reader may get confused and chose none. Optimal number is only 3, so leave visible on your page only important for you networks.

Pin your images

Popular image sharing network Pinterest allows to make any image on your site “pinable”. Just install any of Pinterest plugins on your WordPress website, choose “autopin all images” option (or leave only specific images pinable) and configure the display of the “pin it” button to the one you like the best. And that’s it – your readers will be able to pin any image from your posts with a backlink to your site.

Feed subscription

For websites that renew their blog content regularly feed subscription should become a must. Create a feed using free online services like FeedBurner and engage your readers being notified via RSS feed instantly. All you need to do is to add a brief call to action and a field “type your email” to your sidebar. Many WordPress themes already have Feed widgets built-in, you only need to add a link to your feed.

Social comments

Thanks to new services like Disqus your readers may leave a comment on your blog signing up through one of popular social networks. Number of free WordPress plugins allow you to add Facebook comments on your site. Such comment facility greatly differs from usual comments and does not allow bots to leave spam on your website. Furthermore, people may duplicate such comments on their online profiles.

Showcase your social pages

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ provide all their users with special page badges that provide highlights of the recent page activity on your website. If you post interesting content on any of these social platforms regularly, why not to show it on the main website too? Such badges can encourage new readers and website visitors to like your social page and will be a good sign that you are a trusted company.

Making a website social is very easy, more complex part of this task is writing good content that readers want to share. Don’t forget to update your website regularly and post not only interesting posts, but also amazing graphics and video.

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