4 Unusual Ways to Get More Ideas from the Keyword Planner

If you have a website open for indexing in Google, you should already know one of the most popular keyword tools – AdWords Keyword Planner. Despite its main purpose – planning AdWords campaigns, this tool is widely used by webmasters, SEO experts and content managers for generating new keyword ideas. When you already have a website running, with all basic content and essential service pages, maybe even with AdWords campaign successfully planned, you come to a moment when you lack ideas for new posts, and looks like even the Keyword Planner can’t suggest you anything you haven’t yet included into your pages. In fact, that’s the wrong assumption. There are always millions and more keyword ideas you can use, just need to find the way to retrieve those from the Keyword Planner.

Long Tail Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

Usually main content on the site covers the most commercial keywords that are highly relevant to domain name and have high number of monthly searches. Long tail keyword ideas help to enrich the website with very specific and narrowly targeted content that usually doesn’t need much efforts to get to the top of SERP. To get long tail keyword ideas from the planner, customize your search using keyword filter: average monthly searches < 500 (this number may vary depending on the niche, usually you can target 10% of the targeted keyword with the highest capacity). Resulting list won’t be long, but it may include the keywords you’ve missed during your initial keyword research.

Plural VS Singular

In fact, when running a narrow keyword research in AdWords Keyword Planner (having the checkbox “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” enabled), tool may not show you results for the same keyword, but in plural. Experimenting with your main website keywords just by adding “s” ending may provide you with very interesting insights. For instance, we’ve run a narrow ideas search for “blog post” and got 134 suggestions, “blog posts” search added other 45 great ideas.

Keyword Search for Dates

Topics with years (like “Best Blogging Ideas 2014”) can bring great traffic to your website, and usually you don’t need to promote them long – Google sees that your content is fresh right from the title. If you are writing SEO blog posts and updating your blog regularly, consider searching for keyword ideas that include years. To get precise results from the keyword planner use the keyword with the year before, if you are looking for ideas in the first half of the year. For instance, if you are looking for best film keyword ideas in March 2015, type “best movies 2014” in the Keyword Planner to get more accurate estimates. Data is aggregating in the tool not so fast, so don’t expect to see high demand on evidently hot topics at once.

Competitor Keyword Research with Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner also allows you to “spy” the keywords of your competitors. Enter the website URL of your competitor in the search string and AdWords Keyword Planner will show you a great deal of interesting ideas you might have missed in your own content planning. Try entering your website too – Planner will show you the keywords your website is associated with, and thus, has good chances to rank by.

These were few Keyword Planner ideas we encourage you to use whenever you feel “keyword block” in your content planning.

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